Aloe Barbadensis Miller. It’s a mouthful, but it’s a name worth knowing. There are around 400 species of Aloe plants found in arid regions throughout the world. They’re each beneficial in their own way, but there is only one species that has been recognized for millennia for its magically soothing abilities…


Forever Aloe Vera is grown at our plantations in the Dominican Republic and Texas. Forever Aloe is carefully grown and cultivated, ensuring the highest quality plant possible. Aloe is often referred to as nature’s best gift due to the proven health benefits derived from the gel found inside the leaf of the plant. Growing Aloe with care in the best possible climate and conditions guarantees that you receive the best products available. From plant to product to you!


Discover Forever’s 6,500 acre Aloe plantation in the beautiful Dominican Republic – the largest in the world! With the perfect balance of soil, the ideal temperature and just the right amount of rainfall, we grow quality into the Aloe plants. On our Dominican Republic plantation, we have over 30 million plants and harvest over 1 million pounds of Aloe per week!


At Forever we have fostered a culture of success based on a commitment to improving the lives of the people who use our products and we never have, and never will, lose sight of those who help make it all possible. We employ local farmers and provide excellent working conditions. Their steady jobs and pay are the envy of neighboring communities.


Discover Forever’s Aloe plantation in the Rio Grande Valley of southern Texas.


At Forever Living it is often said “anything less than the best will never do,” and we believe that there is no better place to begin setting the bar for the highest standards in the industry than right where it all begins, the Aloe plantation.


Healthy Plants grow in a healthy environment. At both our Texas and Dominican Republic farms we use free range goats and sheep to naturally control weeds and provide 100% natural fertilizer. This allows for us to grow a superb crop without compromising the health of the Aloe or the environment.


From planting to tending to harvesting, our Aloe plants are carefully nurtured with the same level of care and standards that we put into to every one of our final products. Our farmers harvest our Aloe by hand, treating it with great care. The leaves are processed within hours, so you get the purest, freshest Aloe Vera gel intact with all its inherent qualities.


When it comes to harvesting and processing Aloe, our scientific leadership is devoted to ensuring that we have the freshest, most potent product available. The way we see it, nature has given us a wonderful gift in Aloe, and our scientists are focused upon developing its full potential.


When it comes to the examination and processing of our naturally farmed Aloe, nothing beats hands on quality control. Like vigilant chefs in our kitchen, only the best of ingredients make it to the table. Our state of the art facility allows us to seal in the freshness within hours of harvest so the purest Aloe can be shipped to our product labs without losing any of its powerful properties! When Rex envisioned the dynamics of what was to become Forever, one of the fundamental aspects was the ability to provide the highest quality products on the planet.


Raw materials can vary up to 500% based on method of harvest, climate, season and storage conditions. To minimize variations and to ensure the quality of our Aloe, the leaves are processed and packed for shipping to our manufacturing facilities within hours of harvest in order to ensure that you get the purest, freshest Aloe Vera gel as it was intended, intact with all its inherent qualities.


With all the effort that Forever Living Products puts into cultivating the finest Aloe product in the world we as equally dedicated to providing fast and efficient, controlled shipping. The Puerto Plato port facility allows us to move processed and sealed Aloe stateside in a unobstructed and controlled environment so our harvested Aloe makes it to our product labs and manufacturing facilities in pristine form.


Unlike other companies that brag about environmental responsibility and minimal eco-adjustments in order keep up with environmental trends, Forever continually assesses its own practices in order effectively better ourselves on a regular basis. We don’t do it because it’s trendy. We do it because we believe it’s the right thing to do.


When it comes to the efficiency of converting CO2 into oxygen, 20 Aloe plants are equal to one tree. With over 50 million Aloe Vera plants in our plantations, our Aloe Vera plantations actually cleanse the earth of 2 million tons of CO2 every year! Other companies brag about environmental responsibility just to keep up with trends, we continually assess our practices and effectively better ourselves on a regular basis, because it’s the right thing to do!