We think about Aloe Vera… a lot. This miracle plant is not only the inspiration, but the foundation behind our ever evolving skin care, cosmetics, nutrition and personal care product lines. It drives the constant innovation of our research and development team and allows us to innovate every year with new and better products. It’s been said, “The more we know about Aloe Vera, the more we love it!”


Forever has made a lifelong commitment to bringing you the best products in the world. And we mean more than just effective, cost efficient products, we mean the best through and through.


Aloe Vera America in Dallas, TX is the manufacturing keystone for our entire Aloe Vera operation around the world. From here we control the Texas and Dominican Republic plantations, our processing facility in Mission, Texas, over 8 million gallons of Aloe Vera gel every year and the manufacturing of our many successful lines of Aloe Vera products.

AVA’s World Class Team

As an integral part of manufacturing, research and development and world wide sales, Aloe Vera of America has assembled a world class team of employees. Our team is full of diligent, loyal, hard-working people, many of whom have been here for over 30 years! Throughout our organization, we all take pride in the fact that we are playing an integral part in helping create some of the most fantastic products in the world. The way we see it… that’s a good day’s work!


If you ask our research and development department what they think about Aloe Vera you might be surprised by their devotion. Ben, our R&D Vice President, will go so far as to claim that the more he researches Aloe Vera the more he’s in love with the miracle plant. And he’s not alone.


Our chemical engineering department diligently inspects all raw materials, checks Ph, viscosity, color, appearance, preservative and ascorbic acid value before the compounding department uses them in our many products. And once our final products are created, we recheck finished goods with the same level of vigilance so that when any Aloe Vera of America product is released, our Forever Business Owners and consumers can rest assured that everything that has the Aloe Vera of America label on it is exactly the way it’s supposed to be. Perfect.


Working at Aloe Vera of America, everyone involved becomes an integral part of a complete team. This is vitally important to not only our success, but our ongoing commitment to quality.


At Aloe Vera of America we control every aspect of our process from quality sourcing and owning our own farms to when our final product is sent to Forever Business Owners. By being in control of 100% of every aspect of our business we are able to focus on what matters most: quality. We are proud to know that our world class operation gives Forever Business Owners and consumers the extra trust and confidence that they are being supported by what we consider one of the best companies in the world.


At Aloe Vera of America we take great pride in knowing that we are able to manufacture products that have consistently made a positive impact on individuals, families and Forever Business Owners all around the world. We know how important it is to ensure fast, on-time delivery, so that you never have to wait for your favorite products!


Forever Living combines the finest quality ingredients in a fabulous selection of natural personal care products that are second to none. Originating from pure stabilized Aloe Vera gel, Forever has you covered from head to toe.


Processing over 8 million gallons of pure Aloe Vera gel every year is no small undertaking. Especially when Forever Living controls Aloe Vera operations all around the world including plantations and agricultural operations in the Dominican Republic and in Southern Texas, a massive processing facility in Mission, Texas and, of course, our incredible manufacturing facility in Dallas.


Forever Living is a culture of excellence and Forever Nutraceutical is no exception. Our 82,500 square foot manufacturing facility is the envy of the industry. Every year, we manufacture over 2 billion tablets, 20 million bottles, 2 million cases, and over 5 million pounds of herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, vital nutrients, bioflavonoids and proteins.


At Forever Nutraceutical we are the beneficiaries of a supply chain and production process refined by Rex for over 37 years. On an annual basis our 82,000 square foot, state of the art manufacturing facility can manufacture 2 billion tablets, 20 million bottles, 2 million cases and process over 5 million pounds of herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, vital nutrients, bioflavonoids, proteins and more.


Forever Nutraceutical has a culture of excellence and of values. Quality Products and quality people who take pride in what they do is the heart of Forever Nutraceutical.


We’re proud to show the quality with which we manufacture our products. Like a good restaurant where you can actually meet the chef and see into the kitchen, Forever Nutraceutical is proud to have open windows throughout our entire facility so that you can see every meticulous step we go through in order to manufacture the best raw materials into fantastic products.


At Forever Nutraceutical we thoroughly test every single lot produced at every stage – from raw material to finished product – so we are absolutely certain that what’s in the product is exactly what’s on the label. Not many companies in the dietary supplement industry are so rigorous.


We know that when our consumers take our products they usually don’t see much more than a small pill. Little do they know of the hundreds of exhaustive and meticulous steps that are taken in the process to produce each and every simple but powerful tablet.


In the end you only see a simple, yet powerful tablet or soft gel. But behind every one is an exhaustive processes of selection, qualification, sourcing, procuring, testing, blending, compression, granulation – literally hundreds of meticulous steps and processes in order to produce something that meets our high standards, and yours!


At Forever Nutraceutical we take the highly complex task of sourcing unique and powerful ingredients, and through a series of rigorous tests and analysis, we make sure that every single ingredient we put into our products meets or exceeds the Forever Standard.


No one says it better than Jen Alfrey, a mom, a nutritionist, and our Director of Quality Management. As a mother, Jen takes pride in the things that her family consumes at home. As a nutritionist, no one knows more about the nutritional details.


Forever Direct, headquartered in the Netherlands, delivers your favorite Forever products to millions of customers throughout Europe and Africa. With over 200,000 square feet of warehouse area, Forever Direct ships over 7,000 orders per day to our Forever Business Owners and customers!