Chinese New Year is just around the corner and it’s the time of the year again where you have to do your mandatory spring cleaning! A thorough cleaning for a new year isn’t an easy task and while we might be looking forward to spending the occasion with good food and new clothes to wear, we’re certainly not looking forward to spring cleanings. 

Have you started yet? We have brilliant solution for you to try!

Every week we use multiple detergents for cleaning. Wouldn’t it be nice to buy just one multi-purpose product for the laundry, dishes, floor, and even the bathroom? Forever Living Products has introduced such a product – a liquid detergent that is highly effective and very economical to use. We call it the Forever Aloe MPD® 2X Ultra. This is a multi-purpose, liquid concentrated detergent. Our 2X Ultra formula is even more concentrated to take your cleaning that much further. Below are a few easy ways you can use our Forever Aloe MPD for stunning and effective results!


1. Mopping the floor: Dilute using 0.5 ounce (15ml) per 2 gallons (7.6liters) of water. For stain removal, place a small amount directly on the spot, add water and soak before washing. After mopping the floor, you can recycle the water by using it to water your plants. Your plants in your mini garden will look stronger and more beautiful than before! I have shared this method to my friends, relatives and neighbors and they were all grateful for the amazing results. You should try it too! 

2. Cleaning Furniture, Windows, Doors, Walls and Appliances: Dilute using 0.34 ounce (10ml) per 1 gallon (3.78liters) of water in a pail. Soak the cloth into the pail and use it to wipe off dusts.

3. Cleaning Cars Inside and Outside: For general cleaning inside of car, dilute using 0.5 ounce (15ml) per 1 gallon (3.78liters) of water. For outside of car, if you want it to be soapy to remove stains, dilute using o.34 ounce (10ml) 0.26 gallons (1liter) of water. After that, rinse the exterior surface of your car with clean water.

4. Removing Greasy Stains on Cooking Stove: Use a bottle of spray (picture) and dilute using 0.84 ounce (25ml) per 0.13 gallon (500ml) of water. Spray a few times on greasy surfaces and wait for 10mins before scrubbing it off with a scrub sponge. Then use a cloth to wipe off the surface. Note: Do not shake the bottle or foams will form very quickly. You can mix by swirling or stirring gently. 

5. Washing Dishes by Hand with Forever Aloe MPD: Use a bottle of liquid soap pump (picture) and dilute using 1 ounce (30ml) per 0.1 gallon (400ml) of water. Pump twice on your dish clean scrub sponge and you are all set! Finally, rinse the soap off your kitchenware.

6. Doing the Laundry: For normal washer loads, use 0.5 ounce (15ml). This is a versatile cleaning product that is ideal for laundry (all types of clothes). When pre-treating, rub a small amount directly onto the stain before washing. Always test an inside seam for colorfastness.

7. Cleaning Toilet Bowls: A very efficient way to clean and remove stains. Just pour about 50ml around the inner surface of the toilet bowl and leave it there for 15mins (do not use the toilet bowl during this time). After which, use a scrubber to scrub the inner surface and flush the toilet.

Chinese New Year Is Coming – Spring Cleaning With Only One Product

Now that you know what Forever Aloe MPD can do,  it’s time to try it for yourself! Forever Aloe MPD is truly an all-in-one detergent.  You can now safely say that you can clean your entire house with only one product!