Chinese New Year is a wonderful time of the year to spend our time with family, friends and … FOOD! There are many delicious Traditional Chinese New Year goodies, ranging from Nian Gao and Bak Kua to Pineapple Tarts and Peanuts. It is often hard to give it a miss when these mouth-watering goodies are presented right in front of you at every house you visit! You can enjoy all those food you like. However, just remember that having too much of these “good stuffs” will eventually end up on your waistline. We know that watching your own waistline pile on can be rather depressing – we have came up with a list of easy to follow healthy home remedies. Read on and find out how you can remedy this situation with ease to stay healthy and slim during and even after Chinese New Year. Now, you can enjoy this festive season with a peace of mind!

3 Easy to Follow Healthy Home Remedies

1. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables – General healthy eating habits

Fruits and vegetables are hydrating foods with lots of fibers in them. In addition, these foods also supply many vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Eating lots of them everyday is good for your complexion and bowel movement. This is especially important if you are planning to eat a lot during Chinese New Year! Experts recommend 5-13 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. This is equivalent to about 2 1/2 to 5 1/2 cups daily. If you are unsure, it is approximately filling HALF of your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables at every meals. However, eating 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis is difficult for many people due to their busy schedules.

The solution? Always make fruits accessible and convenient to eat. You can buy fruit that do not need refrigeration such as bananas, apples, oranges and pears beforehand and put them in a basket in your living room area. When it is snack time, just grab a piece of fruit from the basket. Overtime, you will find yourself crave less for unhealthy snacks. When you are busy at work, bring along any of these fruits in your bag and it them before your meals. In addition, try eating a good serving of vegetable during your meals too. Such healthy eating habits can help you stay in good health!

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2. Get lots of rests and eat antioxidants rich-foods – Advice for stressful people and late sleepers

Playing card games and mahjong with family, friends and relatives from dawn to dusk during Chinese New Year seems to be an annual routine for most people but the problem with the lack of sleep is much severe than you can imagine – serious health problems, memory degradation, ages your skins rapidly. In addition, your eating habits changes as you get hungry easily and tend to source for snacks late into the night, thus gaining weight.

Occasional late night will not totally disrupt your health but do not do this too often. Rest when you have the time to. Do not strain and force yourself to stay awake if you have the choice not to. Get lots of antioxidant rich-foods when you decide to sleep late at night or when you are feeling stressful and moody.

Oxidants are free radicals that you find in the environment, but they are also produced naturally in your body. These free radicals can cause cellular damage. Anti-oxidants are nutrients that prevent or slow down oxidative damage throughout your body, they act as free radical bounty hunters that often prevent and repair damage done by the free radicals. They can be found in foods such as pomegranate, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, red kidney bean, red apple and cherries.

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3. Cleanse your body with water and healthy digestive juices

Drinking lots of water helps you hydrate your body. It also prevents you from being hungry easily. Drink a glass of water before visiting helps curb cravings for goodies. Also, drinking healthy colon cleansing juices daily can clean up and get rid of unwanted toxins our of your system. This can thus make you feel refreshed as clearing unwanted toxins from your body can help you to absorb nutrients more effectively. With daily cleansing of your colon and an increase in nutrients absorption rate, you will experience an even healthier and slimmer you in no time!

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