Healthy Hands and Feet – Simple steps and must have skincare essentials

Skin care doesn’t only apply to your face. Your hands and feet also need pampering to be in their best condition! Unlike typical facial routines, caring for your hands and feet doesn’t require that much time and effort. It is simpler than you think! Having a proper care for them can not only lead to healthier skin, it can also promote blood circulation that is essential for skin rejuvenation.

Most, if not all, products used in typical facial skin-care routines can also be used to maintain healthy hands and feet. Essential skin-care products that must be used for your hands and feet are facial/body soap and moisturizers. Added nourishment that helps to improve your skin would include exfoliation and other relaxation lotion that improves blood circulation. Here are the basic skin care products that we recommend for your hands and feet care:

Hand Care

  • Aloe Hand & Face Soap – Safe and gentle with pH 5.5-7. Suitable for normal skin.
  • Aloe Lotion – Great both face and body for hydrating purposes.
  • Aloe moisturising lotion – Great for both face and body for soothing, moisturising results
  • Forever Marine Mask – Removes dead skin cells and brightens skin complexion. Lightens appearance of pigmentation, lifts and tightens skin, reduces premature ageing of the skin. It is suitable for the whole body
  • Forever Epiblanc – Whitens and lightens appearance of pigmentations, freckles and dark spots. Helps to maintain youthful skin cells.

Daily care:

Step 1: Always remember to wash your hands before applying anything. This is to remove germs that may affect its ability to absorb lotion. Aloe Hand & Face Soap helps to remove germs and moisturise your skin.

Step 2: Apply Aloe moisturising lotion onto hands and massage gently in a circular motion until the lotion is fully absorbed by the skin. Repeat this step if required. This can help to enhance blood circulation, allowing your skin to rejuvenate.

Weekly care:

Step: Just like your face, your hands can also make use of mask as a way to nourish the skin. For once or twice a week, use Forever Marine Mask to reduce premature ageing of the skin on your hands. Apply Forever Marine Mask and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse your hands with water to remove the mask thoroughly.

Additional tips: For better results, always moisturise your skin after putting the mask. Apply Aloe lotion after drying your hand. For fairer and brighter appearance, use Forever Epiblanc on areas where whitening is desired on your hand.

Feet Care

  • Aloe Bath Gelee – Body wash that is suitable for the whole body. pH 4.3 – 4.7, ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Aloe First – Balances skin’s pH level, helps in healing scars and blemishes, increases skin’s natural resistance and minimize skin’s sensitivity.
  • Aloe Scrub – Helps to remove dull dead skin cells, giving a whitening effect. Suitable for the whole body.
  • Aloe Heat Lotion – Provides soothing relief, especially after sports or work out. An ideal massage lotion.

Daily care:

Step 1: Wash feet with Aloe Bath Gelee. Message gently in a circular motion. Alternatively, you can soak your feet in a pail of Luke warm water added with a few drops of Aloe Bath Gelee. Dry feet thoroughly.

Step 2: Apply Aloe moisturising lotion generously on to your feet, especially on the heels as that is where most of the dead skin are formed. Apply the lotion onto your entire leg as well. Massage gently until the lotion is absorbed.

Additional tip: Apply more Aloe moisturising lotion on dry areas such as the heels, ankles and knees.

Step 3: Use Aloe First to keep feet fresh and clean from germs. It is recommended that you spray them before and after wearing shoes to disinfect feet and for soothing experience. Aloe First can also act as a deodorant for the feet.

Step 4: Apply Aloe Heat Lotion before going to bed for better relaxation. The lotion helps to improve blood circulation and reduce water retention. Massage both legs using an upward rolling and kneading motion.

Weekly care:

Not only does your face need exfoliating, your feet also need it to remove dead skin cells and regenerate the skin. This is particularly important as our feet tend to accumulate germs from wearing shoes for long hours.

Step 1: For once or twice a week. Use Aloe Scrub to exfoliate your feet. Using your fingertips, scrub in circular movements for at least 5 minutes.

Step 2: Rinse your feet and repeat step 2 and 3.

Following these daily/weekly steps can help to nourish your skin. Treat your hands and feet like how your would treat your face. After all, they are also part of your delicate skin!